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Wunderkammer was a very long and large scale semi-commercial, collaborative installation with Igor Listkiewicz from 2000 until 2004.  


The idea of Wunderkammer came from a fascination with collecting and our interest in the naming and knowing of the natural world.  
We began to research the wunderkammern of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries including those of Ole Worm, Athanasius Kircher and Peter the Great. 


Igor and I wanted to unravel the notion of a perfect or true classification system and a return to the personal and aesthetic arrangements of objects intended to inspire wonder. 


Wunderkammer was host to a number of installations and exhibitions by other artists and performance events. 


After four years of creating, writing, collecting and meeting with like-minded and fascinating individuals, we decided to wind up Wunderkammer and sold it to a regular customer who has made an enormous success of it as a business.

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