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Really - they are very cute. What's that I hear you say?A sneaky flour-eating little pest that deserve to be fumigated? Hush your mouth!
I'm not talking about that sort anyway. I'm talking jungle weevils, weevils as big as your thumb, weevils in spangly colours, Saturday-Night-Fever weevils, weevils that could put a mirror ball to shame.
The breadcrumb eating cupboard weevil is to these guys what Julie Andrews is to Boy George.
The jungle ones are a pest too but you wouldn't want to find one of these in your breadcrumbs. They wipe out fields of crops.

You know what I really love? Their noses. They have these big great hooters that can be almost as long as their bodies.
For a while I started collecting them. I was already purchasing papered butterflies and carded beetles from an ethical source in the States and the option of adding a Mr. Sparkles weevil to my order was just too tempting to resist. I built up a modest collection that ironically was eaten by museum beetle. A friend who found out I was collecting them and who is an origami obsessive made me a beautiful origami weevil which I still have.
Now I just draw weevils. I draw them the way they actually look (as best I can) and then I sometimes draw them in knickerbockers and wearing a smoking jacket.
The little guy above is called Eupholus. He's from Papau New Guinea.
I'm meant to be finishing roughs for a children's book about him. I got a mentorship with an editor from a publishing company and one of their illustrators. My story-book weevil doesn't live in the jungle. He lives in a Chocolate Wheaten Box mansion and is a food obsessed fop.
I guess what I'm doing right now is procrastinating writing about and drawing weevils when I should be writing about and drawing weevils.
It's amazing the lengths to which I'll go, really.  

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