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Heather Marsh, Artist

The House With Wings

House with Wings is a blog where I share about creative collaborations with young people.


On my first day with a new class of prep and year one students I asked them what they thought art was. Painting, drawing, painting, drawing - around the circle it went. The other day I asked them to tell me about art.


"It's a story" they said. "It's a way of understanding. It's having fun. Art is how to send a message. It's inventing things. It's noticing things other people don't see." they said.

My favourite answer?

"Somehow, but I don't know how - it's about me". 


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Monsters in Space, Prehistory and Robots are Better   (with Rufus, 4)  

all images copyright Heather Marsh, 2010-2013

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