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Why make art with children? 

Because I like to collaborate and they are amazing collaborators. 

Children bring a unique perspective to making art. They make connections that I wouldn't think of making. I am enriched and inspired as an artist every time I work with young people. 
I consider working in collaboration with children and young people an integral part of my ongoing growth and creativity as an artist and as a person. 

My philosophy when it comes to collaborating with children is: 


1) Art is not about making 'good' pictures. Art is about ideas, the world, us.

2) Because art is about ideas it is unique in that it can intersect with EVERY other area of learning. 

3) There is no template for art. The whole point is to explore, investigate, discover, express, observe, share, experience...
4) Art is a bit like science. A good scientist doesn't have the answer before they start (or at least they are open to being wrong) 

5) Never dumb it down. To children there is no such thing as a 'big' word. Ask any five year old what their favourite dinosaur is and you will find that out 

6)  Allow for mess ups. Making mistakes is part of the process 

7) Play, have fun


I am documenting my journey making art with young people on my blog The House With Wings. 

I have written about arts partnerships in schools for Arts Victoria in the publication Great Partnerships. 


I am currently writing a practical handbook for young artists and the adults who might collaborate with them - teachers, family members or friends. 


​*All content on this site including text is copyright. I love sharing ideas but please give due acknowledgement of myself as author/artist and my site address when using content from either here or my blog. 



At the beginning of a large-scale collaborative project - making box constructions to perform and play in, working toward filming a visual poem. 

An assemblage created by a year Prep. We looked at a number of assemblage artists including Joseph Cornell, discussed 'making meaning' with objects and then the children selected significant, meaningful objects to install in their boxes in a series called 'Because of me.." 

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