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The Gift Of Hindsight the first in a series of works observing and reflecting on our acquisitive relationship to nature. It is an Edwardian style museum cabinet containing 64 hens eggs, etched in ink, each depicting an endangered Australian bird.


The back of each egg shows a memorial message for the bird, which can only be read in the mirror in the back of the cabinet.


This work follows from the creation in 2000 of Wunderkammer - a long-term very large scale installation and shop. 


On the same day that it was announced this work had won the Waterhouse Natural History Prize, I found out I was pregnant. We left our city home where I had a large studio and bought a small country house where I now make work at the kitchen table between the Lego, fruit bowl and craft projects. (see my work with young people blog: House With Wings


I hope to complete the rest of the series of works, of which The Gift Of Hindsight is a part. They are complete in my mind. 

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