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Creation, Destruction...New Beginnings

This post is by way of an apology that I haven't posted for a while.

A heck of a lot has happened in my life in 2014- new work demands in my other life creating community programs, moving home and re-assessing my priorities.

Along that journey (as a catalyst? symbol? crucible?) my trusty macbook pro died the death of toddler and coffee.

The computer was deemed unusable and the data was un-saveable.

My last backup was from early in 2013. I had lost sound recordings, videos, poetry drafts, photographs -basically lots of documentation both personal and professional.

It left me wondering about the nature of an evidence-based self. I have wondered aout this before, when contemplating my attachment as a collector to objects. Years ago, when faced with the prospect of leaving my home during a bushfire I wondered who I might be if I no longer had all these objects to define me.

Once again an (albeit small) moment of destruction called into question what was really important. Did I need this documentation? Do I need evidence?

Clearly I don't, as I haven't dissapeared or disintegrated. Still, it calls into question my personal interest/obsession with evidence and our current social obsession as well (if a tree falls in the forest but there is no photo on Facebook did it really happen?)

That's it from me. Images to come once I've backed up my data. ;0)

#evidence #documentation #change #studio #learning

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