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The House With Wings

On Wednesday night I had the privilege and delight of attending the Myrniong Primary School Art Fair.

State primary schools are amazing places - seemingly impossible events (quite a lot of them!) get produced out of barely any budget. Teachers work into the wee hours of the night and parents join them in 'above and beyond' labours of love.

The Art Fair was magnificent and thankfully the small contribution I was making to it was ready...just.

I spend Wednesday afternoon editing the final video that marked an end to a whole year's art explorations with the preps and ones. The video certainly didn't capture the bredth and depth of our investigations and creations but it does give the flavour of our times together.

The children focused on who they are and the difference they make in the world. We made art about it and collected thoughts for a concept. The concept became a poem, the poem became the inspiration for large-scale fridge box constructions - then we all got to play in the constructions and filmed the result.

#artwithchildren #collaboration #video #myrniongprimary #prep #yearone

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