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The mirror ball at the ledge of the world

After many years of submitting work to literary magazines and writing competitions, my work has finally been selected for publication. The irony is that the piece chosen to be included in the 25th anniversary edition of Visible Ink magazine, isn't my writing. It is the first piece of visual art I've ever submitted- a collage called 'Visitor's Guide to the Meaning Making Machine'.

The launch was super fun - at the Bella Union bar, a cosy theatre-style venue with high ceilings and a curtained stage that has a country hall feel to it.

Amid the moving, funny and occasionally awkward readings and speeches, we were treated to the DJ skills of poet, Sean Whelan.

I'm beginning to feel as though Sean has been appointed my fairy godDJ. He seems to be popping up at significant events all over the place, including the 100th birthday of the State Library Domed Reading Room - an event gathering the many artists and other creatives whom the Library has sheltered and inspired.

It was kind of amazing to see people dancing under the dome - the rows of green study lights like ultraviolet flower runways for the dancing bees to the DJ.

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