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Malibu Barbie Can't Frown

I kept getting frustrated this year that I wasn't making enough art. It felt as though I was planting seeds in pavement cracks and then waiting for rain, providence or a passing incontinent dog to get them growing.

Today I am appreciating that I made a significant bunch of art this year despite the shambolic, haphazard and sometimes downright catastrophic events of 2013.

Last night I launched a video I made together with Singing Bowl Media and a group of amazing women.

It was spurred by unsolicited urgings from Facebook to "loose belly fat" and "look ten years younger". A personal experience of being told I simply wasn't acceptable looking however I looked (and Facebook didn't even know how I looked!) fuelled an anger that could only be quashed by turning it into art.

A poem emerged, got an airing at a heat of the Australian Poetry Slam and made it to the state finals. It still didn't feel complete. This wasn't just my story- it was the experience of many women (and a lot of men!).

A Pozible campaign, a collaboration with Singing Bowl Media and support from Hub Melbourne saw us shoot a fantastic little video.

We launched it last night at Hub Melbourne to the warm applause and support of a fabulous little audience. Now it has been released into the wild on youtube and here it is............

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