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Power: A Soundwalk for Bogong Electric

Without having planned it to be so, I seem to have arranged for all of my current projects to finish on the same week. Oops.

One of the big ones - a collaborative soundwalk as part of the Bogong Electric Festival with Lizzie Pogson - was presented and experienced this week along the dam wall of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme.

I desperately wanted to be there when the punters plugged in and walked to the sonic breadcrumb trail of Lizzie's sounds and my voice.

Nevermind. I get to see all the pics and grill Lizzie about it when she gets back.

Here's a teaser pic to mark the time until a soundcloud link goes up.

Happy Friday, Heather

#soundwalk #bogongelectric #sound #sonic #spokenword #poetry #storytelling #arttourism

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