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Great Partnerships - A How-To Guide: Arts and Education 

I am passionate about exploring collaboration and creativity with young people. Great Partnerships was a resource I produced together with the arts and education team at Arts Victoria. It showcased and drew on a number of inspiring arts projects linked across almost every area of the curriculum. Below is an excerpt from the introduction: 


Art is.. a question mark in the minds of those who want to know what's happening. 

- Aaron Howard 


A question mark is perhaps the perfect place to start. The question frames the answers. So we'll begin, as you might, by asking the right questions. 

- What would an arts and education partnership look like? 

- What might it achive? 

- What will it take to make it worthwhile? 

and the bigger qustion.. 

- Why partner at all? 


This resource pack addresses all these questions and poses others to guide you through a rich arts and education partnership. 


I was lead author on Great Partnerships. It has been released as a publication with DVD and as an online learning package. You can find the online version here:  Great Partnershps Online Resource

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