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Spoken Word Videos + Sound Recordings 

Spoken word video

Eurydice in Hell 

Bird Strike 


The House With WIngs 


In early 2013, I finished recording a soundwalk for the Bogon Electric Festival 2013     with Lizzie Pogson

The soundwalk will be available both during the festival - presented at Junction Dam Tunnel - and afterwards for visitors to the region through the visitor information centre (a self-guided soundwalk with map and ipod) 

I will post a link to the soundwalk recording once it is publicly available. 


I have written and recorded a number of songs  - solo and in collaboration with Paul Binns.  

The songs with Paul, I hope to complete and publish as an EP in 2014. 

I was originally trained in classical violin, but have begun to learn guitar to better facilitate song-writing. 

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