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Heather Marsh is an inter-media artist

My art gives physical life to the ideas, dilemmas, stories and places that spark my curiosity, concern and move me.

I am interested in the way human beings interact with and control nature, our obsession with naming things and describing them and how that narrows our perception of the world as well as expands it.

I have a particular interest in museums and the history and philosophy of science. I collect natural history objects. I also collect medical instruments – which embody the way nature and science intersect (literally) in our bodies.

I am a feminist and this is often expressed in my work – especially in my poetry and spoken word works such as Eurydice in Hell and Malibu Barbie Can’t Frown.

The way my art is expressed depends on the idea I am exploring. I work across multiple art-forms; writing, drawing, sculpture, installation, sound, music, video and live events. 

My creative work also informs my work in organizations and with communities.

Curiosity, seeking integrity (a place of wholeness, of unity between word and deed) and the desire to understand are at play in everything I do.


I have won international awards in visual art and poetry.

I have published non-fiction about creativity and learning. 

To see my CV, please email me via the contact page. 


All content is Copyright Heather Marsh, 2013.

Please request permission before sharing text or images. I love sharing ideas, but please acknowledge me as the artist or my blog when using them. 

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